About Us

<small><strong>'Eco-Friendly' is the term simply describes products that are not harmful to the environment.</small></strong>

'Eco-Friendly' is the term simply describes products that are not harmful to the environment.

Nowadays plastic has molded our society in many ways, but this synthetic material also has harmful imprints on the environment and human health. Realizing the consequences, awareness of sustainable products is growing among the society and it became more important to our future purchase decisions.

As a sustainable alternative of synthetic material, Eco Kunst is offering environmentally friendly products on Homeware, Garden & Agricultural areas. We have specialized on all types of Jute merchandise, with large assortments.

We are producer in Bangladesh and import sales & support (innovations) in Germany

Our great innovations and sourcing help us to produce unique eco friendly products, as well as ensuring quality goods up to your doorsteps.

Benefits of our Products:

• Natural Fiber

• 100% Biodegradable

• Environmentally Friendly


Why we have decided to produce Jute products?

Jute is not only sustainable because it goes back to nature without leaving any residue but also it is ecological. In contrast with cotton production, cotton needed 11000 to 23000 liters of fresh waters to produce 1kg of fabrics, but Jute only needed 2000 liters of water to produce the same amount of fabrics.

Our Story

As young & responsible company from Germany, we are maintaining a liable connection with our mother nature and Working together with our clients to develop Modern products using sustainable raw materials. As producer we are the most innovative and competetive in the sustainable areas. Every year we are introducing new rawmeterials and developing products for our clients.