1. Who are we?
To offer a sustainable alternative to our commonly used synthetic materials. We are a young company from Essen, Germany working for eco-friendly products & solutions on the areas of the household, industrial and agricultural. With great innovations and sourcing.


2. How do we work?
As a B2B company, we are doing design, development, and sourcing for you in Europe and worldwide. We will offer you, new designs and products as well as work with you to fulfill any further requirements.


3. Why you choose us?
We have long experience in sustainable products manufacturing and processing industries. Ability to offer an extensive number of Eco-Friendly products.
We are as well ensuring quality products up to your doorsteps with responsibility & accountability.


4. Do you have certifications?
We are ensuring certified production facilities to ensure working environments and environmental impacts. We are Fairtrade, BSCI, ISO 9000 on most of our products. 


5. How our products are sustainable to the environments?
We are using 100% natural fibers to produce our products, those are absolutely biodegradable and will not cause any harm to our environment.


6. How we can get actual Samples / Products?
We are always available with an appointment, to show our products and quality to you. Afterward, we will develop new products up to your requirements and send them to your consideration.


7. How to reach us?
You can directly send us an email to 'info@ecokunst.com' or Call us on '+4915208718686', we are always available to your support.